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    High-Waist Yoga Pants

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    Workout Leggings You Will Love!

    YogaBends™ High-Waist Yoga Pants have eco-friendly fabric that is made to minimize moisture retention while simultaneously keeping you dry and comfortable.  It also has moisture-wicking fabric, which keeps you dry when exercising in humid and misty conditions.  The durable wicking fabric that draws moisture away from your skin is also what normalizes your body temperature to stay cool and dry!

    Burn Calories and Stay In Shape!

    Your activewear should support and follow the movements of your body providing you with the ultimate comfort and satisfaction of your workout results.  Our active apparel is designed for allowing proper ventilation and air flow to your body which definitely improves your overall workout experience.  Stay in shape in the convenience of your own home or make your way to the gym to maximize the time of your exercise session.

      Squat-Proof Quality Leggings!

      Quality leggings can be so hard to find and we know you don't want to overpay for a good pair of leggings regardless of where they're from.  No more worrying about paying twice the cost for a great pair of leggings.  These leggings will inspire you to stay active and not let circumstances get in the way!

      • Squat Proof You can squat freely without worrying about tearing.
      • Dryness and Breathable Fabric - YogaBends™ keeps you cool and dry during the most intense workouts.
      • Great Body Support - Four-way stretch control, provides great freedom of movement while you shape, build, or tone your body.

      Details & Benefits:

      • Moisture-wicking technology in the fabric 
      • Synthetic material contours your body shape
      • Fabric is breathable & lightweight
      • Great mobility
      • Form fitting & comfortable
      • Strong & durable elasticity
      • Long-lasting & machine washable
      • High-waist band for tummy support
      • The fabric stays cool & dry during workouts

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