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    Activewear Stretch - 2 Pc

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    Activewear Made Just For You!

    YogaBends™ Activewear Stretch Set is extremely soft, comfortable and provides a wide range of motion for performing all types of workouts.  YogaBends tops are great for sports activities and fitness exercising sessions such as yoga, weight lifting, cycling, and also aerobics.  Get yours NOW before the sale ends, and simply return it for your money back if you are not satisfied.  No questions asked!

    It's Worth Wearing To Workout!

    When you put on your activewear stretch to workout out, you want to look good and feel like you have the support and flexibility to move freely.  Pulling, lifting, and stretching are consistent movements necessary when exercising and doing yoga or working out.  You need to have a yoga set that will last and hold up for years without losing its feeling of comfort.

    We Value Our Customers Time!

    Because we value our customers, we work hard to provide you with great products and the exceptional service you deserve.  The Activewear Stretch combines sports top essentials with our comfortable and classic knitting style.  Cut your time in half to find activewear that suits your fashion lifestyle!

        You Will Love How They Feel!

        You can literally wear a different color of our YogaBends Activewear Stretch leggings every day.  YogaBends Activewear Stretch 2 Pc Set is so soft and comfortable, you can do just about anything in them.  They are great for yoga, exercising, power walking, running, shopping and so much more.  Watch how many compliments you receive when you put on your Activewear Stretch 2 Pc Set!  You will love how they feel on you!

        High Waist For Tummy Control

        When you join our YogaBends activewear family, you are granted access to special offers and discounts but most importantly, we treat you like family!  You will be extremely cool and comfortable from the air ventilation designed to cool down your warm body.  Your Activewear Stretch gives you great tummy support along with an excellent feel of comfort and style.  We know how important it is to have control of your tummy and that your activewear holds firm in the midsection of your stomach.  Your high waist leggings will lend a douse of confidence, when you look mirror and see how good they look on you!

        Is Activewear Important To You?

        Did you know it’s very important what you wear during your workout?  It turns out, the clothes you choose can actually have a huge impact on your performance.  The proper activewear also helps you get into the right mindset to tackle an upcoming gym session.  Your activewear says a lot about you, and it shows how much you care about how you look when you workout.


        Should You Choose YogaBends?

        • Stylish to wear year-round
        • You can wear them almost anywhere
        • Strong and durable elasticity
        • Excellent ventilation
        • Skin-friendly fabric
        • Breathable material
        • Great color combination
        • Cool and comfortable feel

          Product Details & Benefits:

          • Moisture-wicking technology in the fabric 
          • Synthetic material contours your body shape
          • Fabric is breathable & lightweight
          • Great mobility
          • Thumbholes top for stretching
          • Cotton / nylon wicking fabric with air holes
          • Strong & durable elasticity
          • Long-lasting - machine washable
          • Crew-neck top with air holes
          • The fabric stays cool & dry during workouts


          YogaBends Quality You Can Trust

          • Has wicking fabric for dryness and comfort
          • Synthetic material contours your body shape
          • Fabric is breathable and lightweight
          • Strong and durable elasticity
          • Long-lasting quality fabric
          • You will look amazing in them


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