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    Quick-Dry Activewear 2 Pc

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    Put Yourself In Position to Win!

    You can literally wear our YogaBends leggings every day and win at the game of being comfortable.  YogaBends quick dry leggings are so soft and comfortable, you can do just about anything in them.  They are great for yoga, exercising, power walking, running, shopping and so much more.  Be prepared to workout at any given time when you sport your matching, colorful and also stylish Quick Dry Set.  The colors are amazing!


    Long Lasting and Good Looking!

    Our high waist yoga pants are designed to last long and give you better support, because of its widened higher waistband for better tummy control.  The leggings also offer full support and compression for your tummy and butt, helping you get back in the best shape possible.


    Support Your Body With Style!

    Our Quick-Dry Activewear delivers lightweight comfort with support back straps and removable bra pads.  This fitness bra is ideal for activities like gym workouts, spin, cross-training, tennis, and running.  The fitness bra is perfect for your next training session at the gym, designed with back ventilation and air holes to help keep you cool and dry.


    It's Worth Wearing To Workout!

    When you put on your Quick-Dry Activewear 2 Pc you will love how it feels on your body, more importantly how it supports your workout.  The Quick-Dry Activewear has wicking fabric that pulls moisture away from your skin and it supports your flexibility to move freely.  Pulling, lifting, bending and stretching are consistent movements necessary when exercising.  You need to have activewear that will last and hold up for years without losing its feeling of comfort.


      Does Activewear Speak To You?

      When it comes to wearing the right activewear, you cannot cut corners on selecting a brand that sells quality products that you find attractive and fits your fitness lifestyle.  The Quick-Dry Activewear 2 Pc are designed with comfort, quality and a lot of style.  This was our focus and the center of our mission from the beginning.  The Quick-Dry Activewear 2 Pc is made to last for years and keep its unique quick-dry fabric form, wash after wash.  You will have to tell your family and friends how good they feel on you.


        Our Activewear Cuts Time In Half!

        The Quick-Dry Activewear combines sports top essentials with our comfortable and classic knitting style.  Cut your time in half to find activewear that suits your fashion lifestyle!  It's a very well-crafted design, an activewear top that normalizes your body temperature, keeping you cool and dry at the right time.  Our Quick-Dry Activewear is designed to deliver a breeze of comfort that keeps you cool, dry, and relaxed on those warmer days.


          Are You Doing Everything To Win?

          You know it when you see it!  You don't want to give up or stop trying but for some reason you find yourself throwing in the towel,  Well, we say no to quitting, and we say no to giving up, and we say yes to doing everything it takes to win!  Get up, put on your V-Neck Fitness T-shirt with a pair of our YogaBends Yoga sets and get back in the game of life!  Life doesn't stop for you, so why would you stop at all?  Keep Going


          Extreme Performance Activewear

          YogaBends Quick-Dry Activewear are so soft and comfortable, you can do just about anything in them.  YogaBends Quick-Dry Activewear is great for yoga, exercising, power walking, running, shopping and so much more.  When you try on the Quick-Dry Activewear set for the first time, you will understand what all the hype is about!



          • Fabric Name: Chemical fiber blended
          • Fabric Composition: Nylon/nylon
          • Fabric Content: 70 (%)
          • Lining Name: Lycra
          • Lining Composition: Spandex
          • Lining Ingredient Content: 10 (%)
          • Function: Quick-drying
          • Pattern: Stripes
          • Error range: 1~2cm
          • Sleeve length: Long sleeve
          • Wearing style: Hedging
          • Length: Over hip
          • Clothing version type: Tight


          Features and Benefits:

          • Stylish to wear year-round
          • You can wear it almost anywhere
          • Nice fashion statement
          • Excellent body support
          • Skin-friendly fabric
          • Breathable material with air pockets
          • Great color combination
          • Cool and comfortable compression leggings


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